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Stefan Zecha is chairman of Germany's VDMA Precision Tools Association.

Positive expectations for Germany's precision tools industry

Germany – The economic impact of the coronavirus has drawn a negative effect on Germany’s precision tools industry in 2020. Nevertheless, manufacturers are confident of being able to achieve a significant increase in sales this year, the German VDMA Precision Tools Association announced at its annual press conference in January.

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The Flat Die Unit (FDU) passes melt through a long slit instead of a circular hole like a conventional nozzle. The result is said to be faster injection of more melt through a thinner gate opening, with lower shear and injection pressure, lower melt temperature and up to 25% faster cycle time in several projects.

How sustainable moulds help keeping shops competitive

Austria – After reviewing its entire mould production process, Austrian-based Haidlmair Group found many CO2-saving opportunities, including optimised, compact mould designs, mould-optimised cycle times and the use of technologies such as digital mould monitoring which enables significant energy savings in production.

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Renishaw and its customers are ready for the post-Brexit era: EU customers will benefit from simplified transactions and on-time delivery of goods from the EU.

Renishaw expands presence in the EU

UK – To mitigate against the possible impacts of Brexit, UK-based 3D printing and measurement expert Renishaw has been focused on ensuring that its customers within the EU are able to receive optimal support from local offices.

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30 Years on and the company founders get together again.
Cutting Tools

ITC celebrates 30 years of UK manufacturing

UK – All businesses will be glad to draw a line under 2020 and move into 2021, but for Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), 2021 will be a landmark year as the UK cutting tool manufacturer celebrates 30 years of business. Here, we take a look back at 30 years of ITC and how this prestigious UK manufacturer has grown over the last three decades – a brand that will be celebrating its anniversary with several 2021 special offers for manufacturers to look out for.

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Advances in servo technology are opening up opportunities to design new mouds, or retrofit existing moulds, to improve manufacturing efficiency and speed.
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Advantages of servo-actuated moulds

Converting mould systems previously driven by hydraulic or pneumatic means to electrically-driven mould motions, specifically via servo-motors and actuators, offers many advantages. ETMM will present the basics of servo-driven mould functions, various control solutions, the key benefits of mould electrification and the application testing process in a free webinar on 25 February 10:00 CET (09:00 BST, 16:00 ICT).

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