Plastics Injection moulding sector strong

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany – Within Europe the largest injection moulding market is Germany, thanks to the size and scale of its manufacturing industries. Germany saw an increase of 2% for polymers used in injection moulding in 2015 and its automotive production was up 3%, despite the industry's emissions scandal.

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Germany is the largest market for automotive moulding in Europe.
Germany is the largest market for automotive moulding in Europe.
(Source: AMI)

According to a report published by British company Applied Market Information (AMI), German injection moulders have benefited from the weak Euro and the success of its OEMs in export markets. On top of this, lower oil prices helped to strengthen its continuing economic improvement and consumer confidence, which has also contributed to growing demand for packaging and consumer goods. These factors coupled with its proximity to emerging eastern and central European markets means German injection moulders continue to serve both traditional and new geographical regions.

Germany clearly represents the largest sector of the European injection moulding industry using just over 2 million tonnes of polymer in 2015. In nearly every segment where injection moulding is used, Germany is the largest market in Europe. Major companies such as Bericap (caps and closures), Gerresheimer Wilden (medical products), Röchling (automotive products) and Pöppelmann (automotive and packaging) are all based in Germany.

AMI's Directory of Injection Moulders in Germany demonstrates not only the size of German industry but also its stable growing market in contrast to many other major European countries. Of over 2300 sites listed, more than a hundred sites have been added since our previous edition.

The heart of the directory is the data on the custom moulders. The directory has been specifically organised so as to provide designers, specifiers and buyers with a vast amount of data on the activities of these companies. This information shows that over 80% of companies listed process polypropylene resins (the most widely used material) and over half have some involvement in supplying to the automotive industry.

The database also provides the markets served (caps & closures, thin wall containers etc), other services offered (welding, stamping etc) and specific polymers used at each site.

More information can be found in AMI's guide to the injection moulding industry in Germany.