Skantek CNC coolant nozzles

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany –Skantek is the main supplier for coolant nozzles for CNC machines to large tooling distribution groups and CNC machines manufacturers in Germany.

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QPM high-pressure nozzle (up to 100 bar) in action.
QPM high-pressure nozzle (up to 100 bar) in action.
(Source: richterfoto)

Skantek has been active for over 40 years in engineering, production and distribution of technical supplies through national and international tooling distribution groups. QPM Products was established in 1997 as a manufacturer of high quality coolant nozzles for the worldwide metal tooling industry. It is a leading producer of nozzles with capacities of up to 1500 psi for the HSC industry and supplies CNC machine manufacturers across the world. The company’s range extends to over 500 different nozzles, including press-in nozzles for tool holders; turret jet nozzles; brass ball nozzles; and fittings and accessories for CNC lathes, mills and machining centres.

Skantek will also be exhibiting Motom drill grinding machines from 2 to 34 mm and reverse deburring tools.