Milacron Growing stronger together using synergies

Editor: Barbara Schulz

United States - US-based Milacron, specialist in plastics processing equipment, technologies and services, is set to unveil a huge range of innovative products at their biggest stand in NPE history. We asked the Milacron team what to expect and what their plans are for the future.

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Milacron President & CEO Tom Goeke: "2015 will be a super year for Milacron in terms of rolling out new products."
Milacron President & CEO Tom Goeke: "2015 will be a super year for Milacron in terms of rolling out new products."
(Source: Milacron)

ETMM: Since the acquisition of Mold-Masters in 2013 you have world-class capabilities across nine product brands servicing the plastics industry. Tell us a little bit about the company's history and its acquisition strategy.

Tom Goeke: Milacron is very close to celebrating its 140th anniversary. The company grew out of a small, mid-19th-century machine shop in downtown Cincinnati, OH, USA. We later began developing machines that make plastic products, becoming a global leader in building injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion machinery. We acquired several companies to strengthen the mould tooling, parts, supplies, services and support line of business, including Ferromatik (1993), DME (1996), Uniloy (1998) and Mold-Masters (2013).

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ETMM: Are there any plans to merge DME and Mold-Masters? How are the two product brands working together meanwhile?

Goeke: There are two answers. The first answer is that from a product point of view it is really important to run the two companies separately in the background, focussed on the products they are really good at. For DME, that is mould bases and components, while Mold-Masters is a hot runner and process control specialist. If we were to merge the areas of R&D and manufacturing we might lose sight of what's special in each area. Where we work together is to bring the full portfolio to the customer through a joint sales and service team.

Hans Hagelstein: The sales team has been trained in all products from DME and Mold-Masters. By offering integrated solutions, we can really support our customers, who can now get everything from one source.

Vincent Guille: Moreover, we acquired Tirad in 2014, a Czech Republic-based precision machining company, which complements our range of products really well. DME Europe will move its warehouse to the Czech Republic in a new state-of-the-art warehouse for standard components and plates, based at the Tirad facilities, which can also supply non-standard plates. The rumours, that DME would leave the European market are not true.