Interview New machines from Doosan place focus on European markets

Editor: Eric Culp

Doosan has unveiled a radical new design, introduced large machines and aims to double European sales within five years. Jaeyoon Lee, the head of the Doosan Infracore Machine Tool Group, outlined the strategy to ETMM Publisher Ken Fouhy.

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Doosan VP Jaeyoon Lee said he was pleased with the customer reception of the new Puma SMX machines at EMO Hannover
Doosan VP Jaeyoon Lee said he was pleased with the customer reception of the new Puma SMX machines at EMO Hannover
(Source: Fouhy)

ETMM: What are the most important new products for Doosan at EMO?

Jaeyoon Lee: At the Doosan Infracore Machine Tools Fair held in May, we unveiled the Puma SMX, which are being launched in the European markets at the EMO. Featuring a new design, the Puma SMX is a next-generation multitasking machine tool, comprising a turning centre and a machining centre that boasts enhanced productivity and work convenience. Also, with the new exteriors, the Puma SMX delivers a stronger image and enhanced user-convenience. It is an important model because it represents Doosan’s product development direction based on customer and market needs. Furthermore, we have developed the DNM200/5AX and the NHP8000 to target the aerospace industry and the DBC130 II to target the oil and gas markets. We will also develop our compact Y-axis machine, the Lynx 220LSY, and expand our share of the ‘multitasking equipment’ market.

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ETMM: Why did you decide to change your machine design with this introduction?

Lee: Since renewing our designs in 2007, we have continued our pursuit of technology, quality and service innovations, thereby enhancing our profile. This effort has required us to reestablish our design philosophy and direction. Our new designs pursue a stable, solid overall appearance and user-friendly ergonomic design features. Our high-end series designs will reflect customer needs and be further advanced. Our general base series designs will pursue practicality and satisfy customer needs while offering differentiated value. For our rollout plans, we will apply the new design to new models beginning in the second half of 2013, and gradually expand the new design. In 2015, we will apply the new design to all our models.

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