New machines from Doosan place focus on European markets

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ETMM: You have begun to introduce large machines to the European market. What is your approach here?

Lee: Our large machines are developed to suit the needs of European customers, and offer diverse applications appropriate for a wide range of customer needs. We also offer consulting and services through our expert engineers, and we deliver fast. All of this differentiates us from our competitors. From the product development stage, we use the NPD (New Product Development) process and begin by analysing market needs. As such, we have established an environment in which we can develop products tailored to the voices of diverse markets. For example, in line with the needs of the European market, we have developed and upgraded large vertical turning centres (VTS), tailoring them for the aerospace, oil and gas, and large machining job shop markets, and have unveiled VTS in the European markets. Based on the needs of our European customers, we will unveil machines equipped with Siemens’s controllers at EMO. In addition, in order to respond to the demands of Europe’s diverse industries, we have constructed multitasking double-column machining centers. We have also beefed up the large-machine application engineers, and offer counsulting and services tailored to customer needs. To enable fast production, we have constructed short-time delivery systems based on unit modular designs, enabling us to respond quickly to customers’ orders. Our new large-machine plant, which will be constructed in October 2013, will chiefly produce our large machines such as the Ram-type Vertical Turning Center (VTS), the Double Column Machining Center (DCM), and the Horizontal Boring Mill. .