New machines from Doosan place focus on European markets

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ETMM: How many machines does Doosan plan to sell in Germany this year?

Lee: We posted sales of over €30 million in the German market in 2008, and expect to renew our 2008 German sales peak this year, too. Our products have been highly acclaimed for their quality, reliability, and competitive prices by our German customers, so we intend to further focus on the supply of products equipped with such features. We will bolster our sales capabilities in southern Germany, the area with the largest demand, explore major customers in the automobile industry, and continue to expand our product diversity and boost our Doosan brand publicity campaigns. We aim to more than double our sales within the next five years.

ETMM: What are your targets for the European markets?

Lee: Europe accounts for a 25% share of the total global market and includes such advanced markets as Germany and Italy, and emerging markets such as Eastern Europe and Russia. As such, Europe is a highly attractive market. We have experienced some difficulties in Europe due to the ongoing financial crisis. But we have continued to supply new products, and have bolstered our marketing and sales networks, thus maintaining our growth. As such, we expect to post over €300 million in sales this year, surpassing our 2008 sales peak. Important markets include Italy and the UK, which have the top market shares, Germany and France, both of which have big sales potential, and emerging markets with great growth potential such as Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey.