New machines from Doosan place focus on European markets

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ETMM: How important is the Chinese market to Doosan and how will this change in the future?

Lee: China comprises a wide range of markets from large, multi-axis, high-priced high-end markets to simple, low-end markets. All world-class suppliers are operating in China – 1,500 metal cutting firms, and 1,500 machine tool firms of various sizes. In addition, due to the ever-rising demand, China accounted for 44% of the global markets as of 2012. As such, we achieved combined sales of $200 million with products produced in both Korea and China. We see China as our second home market after Korea, and hence concentrate our capabilities on that market. In the future, too, China will remain the largest single market in the world, and will accelerate the large, multi-axis, high-priced, high-end markets. Thus, we will expand our production capacity in China, strengthen our system engineering capabilities, secure differentiated customer support capabilities, boost our Chinese lineups, and enhance our quality. In this way we hope to increase our share of the Chinese market two-fold or more within the next five years.

ETMM: A number of years ago you considered establishing production capacity in Europe. What has happened to those plans?

Lee: We have no plans as yet to construct any European plants, but we will review the possibility according to the market situation.