New machines from Doosan place focus on European markets

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ETMM: In the Machine Tool Scoreboard from Gardner Business Media, Doosan is listed with in 15th place with $1.1 billion in machine tool revenue. Yet you claim that in cutting machines you are already under the top 10 producers. How do you explain this apparent discrepancy?

Lee: The Gardner Scoreboard targets all machine tool manufacturers including metal cutting and metal forming companies, and the data may not be updated according to companies’ situations, which is why we were only ranked 15th in terms of revenue. To derive a clearer and more meaningful ranking, we consider directly related firms, namely, firms which mainly produce our products, such as ‘turning centres and machining centres.’ If possible, we fully reflect the updated data of related firms and compare them on the basis of the same fiscal year. Thus, our 2012 revenue was about $1.28 billion, which ranks 12th among all machine tool manufacturers, and 6th among major TC/MC manufacturers.

ETMM: In your four plants in Korea and China, you claim to have produced 15,000 machines last year. How accurate is this figure? Your business plan foresees production growth up to 23,000 machines in 2016 – where will this production growth take place and more importantly, where will you sell these machines?

Lee: We had already prepared our production capacity, but since the 2008 financial crisis, major markets have been slow to recover, leaving us with surfeit production capacity at present. Our projected production capacity of 23,000 machines in 2016 includes three Korean plants and one Chinese plant. In the emerging markets, we will bolster our product competitiveness in terms of performance, quality and price, and grow accordingly. In Europe and Korea, we will unveil high-value-added products, and provide support solutions, including system solutions, training, and engineering support, thus securing global-top competitiveness and selling products in line with our production capacity.