Cutting Tools Vibration-free milling system now with Screw Fit exchangeable head

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Tool manufacturer Walter has launched its vibration-damped Accure tec adaptors, a product range developed specifically for low-vibration turning and milling with long overhangs.

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The new Accure Tec from Walter Tools
The new Accure Tec from Walter Tools
(Source: Walter)

Now, the Accure tec A3000 boring bars and the adaptors for the AC001 bore adaption milling cutter have a new feature. The vibration-damped AC060 adaptor for Screw Fit exchangeable heads has been developed specifically for smaller diameters. This will initially be available for the T18, T22 and T28 interfaces.

As with all Accure tec adaptors, it has an axially and radially flexibly positioned damper element, which is pre-set at the factory. The taper locking Screw Fit connection and the conical shape of the milling adaptor gives the tool a high degree of stability, which in turn leads to a high level of process reliability and a high surface finish quality.

With the Accure tec AC060 milling adaptor, operators can not only change tools easily but also benefit from the many features of the Screw Fit range. This is of particular interest for mould and die making, where Screw Fit is frequently used, as Accure tec can now accommodate smaller milling diameters. The vibration-damped AC060 adaptor is suitable, for example, when thin-walled shapes need to be milled with minimum vibration. Operators also benefit from high concentricity at up to three times higher cutting depths and lower noise levels, significantly longer service life of the tool and spindle, as well as a variety of machine-side interfaces that include hollow shank tapers as well as CAT-V or Walter Capto steep tapers.