Komet Group Redesigned milling cutters increase feed rates

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany – The Komet Group will be presenting a number of new developments and innovations under the banner of “Total Productivity Solutions”.

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3D/additive manufactured and series-produced Komet JEL PCD screw-in milling cutter.
3D/additive manufactured and series-produced Komet JEL PCD screw-in milling cutter.
(Source: Komet)

Highlights on its stand will include the company’s growing range of milling tools that can also be used in generative manufacturing processes, a new indexable insert reaming tool, and developments of its KUB Pentron drill. The stand will also present the latest developments in mechatronic tools and ultra-hard cutting tool materials, along with Komet’s Toolscope assistance system, which it says bridges the gap from machining to Industry 4.0.

The cutter holders in the completely redesigned Komet PCD milling cutters are manufactured using the laser melting generative process. Komet claims that this facilitates feed rates up to 50% higher than before and that 3D printing/additive manufacturing enables up to twice as many cutting edges to be created, regardless of diameter. The company is also making use of the structural flexibility provided by the additive manufacturing process to create a better design for the course of the cutters’ internal cooling channels. Curved channel routes reduce pressure loss and enable every cutting edge to be provided with coolant from a separate channel.

The milling range’s new designs include the hi.aeQ 45° face-milling cutter, which has a feed rate up to 40% higher than a shoulder milling cutter, the company claims.

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