3D metal printing Precision engineering company 3D prints Platinum Jubilee gift for The Queen

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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UK — Yorkshire based precision engineering company, Agemaspark, has used its latest equipment to 3D print a commemorative gift for HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Paul Stockhill with the 3D printed jubilee gift for The Queen.
Paul Stockhill with the 3D printed jubilee gift for The Queen.
(Source: Agemaspark)

Precision engineering company Agemaspark celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The company has developed a new technique to improve the efficiency of a mould tool and invested in the 3D metal printing machine needed to create the tools.

Paul Stockhill, managing director at Agemaspark, said: “We are a proud Yorkshire company, based in Doncaster and we wanted to use our latest equipment to create a gift for The Queen on this momentous occasion. We have 3D printed a commemorative paperweight and will be delivering this to Buckingham Palace to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee. Our 3D metal printer is enabling us to put our pioneering 3D metal printing technique into practice, resulting in major reductions in cycle times for multi-impression mould tools.”

Agemaspark is pioneering this process as it will offer new ways to make intricate inserts that can be processed with cooling not currently possible without using expensive heat transfer materials.


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