Sarix Micro EDM milling machine is precise, user-friendly, compact

Editor: Barbara Schulz

EDM Machining – After micro EDM machining specialist Sarix launched its 5th micro EDM controller generation at EMO 2015 in Milan, the company showcased its SX100 micro EDM milling, drilling machine at the recently held AMB in Stuttgart.

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Sarix Sales & Marketing Manager Franck Leleu with with the SX 100 micro EDM machine.
Sarix Sales & Marketing Manager Franck Leleu with with the SX 100 micro EDM machine.
(Source: Schulz)

The machine comes in a new design based on users’ requirements and is said to offer many advantages: high user-friendliness, compactness, full operative access, touchscreen display, joystick-handbox and much more. This is said to becombined with the high performance and high quality machining offered by Sarix. The SX100 comes with a small footprint with all required accessories: a compact SX-CNC and separate pneumatic/hydraulic unit and a dielectric unit with three separate pumping circuits within an high pressure line up to 100 bars. According to Sarix, the design is fully compliant with the new stringent machine safety standards without drawbacks for the accessibility of the work space.

Moreover, the latest Sarix precision electrode collet, SP12, is said to assure a slack-free and repeatable holding of the electrode. In production the achievable runout of the electrode is less than 1 micron and remains constant even when the collet is changed, Sarix says. The collet holder design integrates the possibility to easily adjust the eccentricity of the electrode position and the axial tilt of the electrode.

Sarix Pulsar delivers high frequency pulses using the advanced ADP and DPM technologies. According to Sarix, it offers great machining benefits in micro EDM machining performance including speed, reduced electrode wear and better surface finish, in both micro EDM drilling and in 3D micro EDM milling.