Inovatools HPC end mills for faster, lower cost machining

Editor: Eric Culp

Germany – With the VHM-HPC universal end mill concept Starmax (diameter: 3-25mm), tool manufacturer Inovatools said it has recently made the HPC end milling of steel materials – contour milling, angular in-feed milling and pocket milling – quick and cost-effective.

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Tool coatings are also done in-house at Inovatools.
Tool coatings are also done in-house at Inovatools.
(Source: Inovatools)

The supplier said that thanks to the numerous design advantages, the end mills have displayed good service life, cutting volume and productivity compared to similar tools on the market. Investments in production technologies, development capacities and manpower are said to allow the company to offer a quick and targeted response to market requirements.

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One example is the latest-generation Starmax 3G end mill, which now offers even better performance. The tool supplier said it has increased the core diameter of the mills, and there are now four cutting edges with an un-equal spiral pitch as well as a defined support chamfer for an even softer cut with even fewer vibrations than before. During the development, particular attention was paid to optimum chip control and removal, the company noted, adding that this is ensured by a special groove profile with extremely smooth chip grooves in a 40-degree spiral angle.

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The supplier noted that its tools receive their high-performance coatings in the dedicated coating centre using processes including nano-composite coating, a method used for the Starmax 3G. Manufactured under temperature-stabilised conditions and using the very latest grinding machines, the special Varocon smooth coating and the additional end finishing also help to promote the rapid removal of very high chip volumes during HPC end milling, the company noted. The high-performance coating also ensures a long service life for the tool, the supplier said.

The Starmax 3G end mills are available as VHM tools in a short and long version and also as a long shank version with a release. The shank designs are based on DIN 6535 HA/HB, and there is also a special shank design to ensure additional hold. All tools can be used in dry as well as wet machining.

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