SMTCL Global machine tool titan sets its sights on European shops

Editor: Eric Culp

The world’s biggest machine tool maker has come to Europe, and it is ready to sell. With a Frankfurt showroom and a growing network for sales and service, SMTCL desires increased sales outside of China. The company’s export manager explains the plan.

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Heath was on hand to open the company’s European showroom earlier this year.
Heath was on hand to open the company’s European showroom earlier this year.
(Source: Culp)

Andrew Heath, general manager of import and export at SMTCL, describes how the largest machine tool maker in the world will boost sales in Europe, and how someone else’s control of a web domain remains a thorn in the company’s side.

ETMM: Your company, Shengyang Machine Tool Company Ltd (SMTCL), has been called the world’s biggest machine tool maker. According to whom?

Andrew Heath: This claim is based on Gardner Business Media’s annual ranking of worldwide machine tool manufacturers by sales revenue.

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ETMM: What percentage of your sales are outside of China? To what level would you like to raise this in the next five years? What role should Europe play in sales shift?

Heath: Currently around five per cent of our sales take place outside of China. We are taking aggressive actions to raise this proportion to between 20 and 30 per cent over the next five years in order to better balance our sales across markets. We expect Western Europe to account for one-third of this growth.

ETMM: Are your machines ready for the European market?

Heath: Yes. We are careful to only offer machines within this market that we believe are suitable. The European catalogue represents only a sub-set of the full SMTCL portfolio.

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