Diamantprodukter Ergonomic tool-holders improve toolmakers' safety

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Swedish company Daimantprodukter has released the Mark II versions of its Diprofil polishing/filing machines

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The new design is said to improve ergonomics and flexibility for mould polishers and toolmakers.
The new design is said to improve ergonomics and flexibility for mould polishers and toolmakers.
(Source: Diprofil)

The machines will feature a new design and improved functionality in the tool-holder, which will be incorporated on both the Classic and the low-vibrating Dipro models.

Diamantprodukter said that the new design improves ergonomics and flexibility for mould polishers and toolmakers. Safety also receives a boost, as there is no longer any need for operators to put their tool guiding hand or fingers on moving tools or machine parts, the risk of sustaining vibration-related injuries such as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), will be significantly reduced, the company said. According to the supplier, low-vibrating tools have been identified as a leading factor in HAVS and reducing machine vibrations emitted by 50% directly decreases vibration-exposure by a full 50%, while halving exposure time in half reduces total vibration-exposure by only 30%.

Diamantprodukter said that this fact was the behind its drive to develop and launch its first low-vibrating Dipro machine in 2006. It has, since then, been pursuing ways of minimising vibration exposure not only for the hand holding the actual machine but also for the other hand, which is often used to guide the tool. Using the free hand as a guide mechanism means that the operator will need to put his or her fingers on moving tools or machine parts.

The tool-holder is said to be intended to minimise contact with moving parts and thus reduce the risk of injury. An extension pipe is included, which will enable the operator to guide even very long tools close to the workpiece.

The upgraded Mark II versions of the polishing/filing machines, holding tools with shanks between 2.0 and 6.4 mm in diameter, is lighter and demonstrates better resistance to wear, according to Diamantprodukter, which says that this will increase life expectancy and reduce costs for service and maintenance. The machines are globally available from partners and distributors.

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