Fakuma 2014 Space-saving in-mould labelling system with integrated camera inspection system

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Beck Automation is presenting a dynamic IML system on Engel's booth at Fakuma 2014.

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Manufacturing cell with feed and removal system for in-mould labelling.
Manufacturing cell with feed and removal system for in-mould labelling.
(Source: Beck)

The manufacturing cell consists of a fully electric injection moulding machine Engel e-motion 440/160 and a 2-cavity injection mould by Glaroform, the supplier said. The feed and removal system for in-mould labelling is to be considered a reference with regard to speed, footprint, availability and process security for IML automation. The system is equipped with an Omron high-grade camera inspection system for quality control of the containers produced, designed and integrated by Beck Automation.

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The IML automation by Beck Automation is designed to be extremely space-saving and features a small footprint, the company said. "This IML system is compact and yet very easily accessible, meaning user-friendly," explained Daniel Merki, sales manager at Beck. "Thanks to our construction principle and the various tests we run prior to delivery, we can keep the installation time on site very short. We don't just talk about "just in time", we mean it." According to Beck, this involves a high-speed application (total cycle: 2.9 s, intervention time 0.9 s). Equipped with the latest in control and drive technology, the system is operated via a touchscreen. The integrated remote access allows for dialling into the system from outside, in order to provide support to the user in a timely and cost-effective manner, Beck said.