Manifold technology Simulation and digital solutions for better process reliability

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As of now, each manifold system from Ewikon undergoes an automated thermal simulation during the design phase at no additional cost or time to the designer. Additionally, the company's smart Control assistance system offers an integrated solution for efficient process monitoring in networked injection moulding production. The system, set to be showcased at Fakuma, will include support for Euromap 63 and 77 along with a further optimised user interface.

With the smart Control assistance system, Ewikon provides a digital solution for efficient process monitoring.
With the smart Control assistance system, Ewikon provides a digital solution for efficient process monitoring.
(Source: Ewikon)

The Ewikon manifold technology already offers natural full balancing as well as a streamlined flow channel layout without dead corners for maximum protection of the melt as standard. As a free additional service, every Ewikon manifold system now runs through an automated thermal simulation during the design phase, which is carried out in the background without any additional time expenditure for the designer. This not only allows the thermal homogeneity of the manifold block to be checked, but also the thermal symmetry within the fully balanced flow channel design. If deviations are detected, the designer can make further optimisations, for example in the heater layout, the thermocouple position, the number of Control zones and the number and position of the pressure pads. The customer thus receives a system that has already been comprehensively thermally optimised in the design phase without additional financial expenditure. This optimisation of the manifold extends the process window, especially for thermally sensitive materials, and avoids unnecessary correction loops when designing complex systems. At the same time, the automated thermal simulation represents the successfully realised first stage of a demanding large-scale project that Ewikon is currently carrying out together with the simulation and AI specialist Ianus. The aim is the AI-supported, fully automated design of manifold systems from a thermal and energetic point of view.

With the smart Control assistance system, Ewikon provides a digital solution for efficient process monitoring that can be fully integrated into the networked injection moulding production and records and monitors all process-relevant parameters of a production cell including the hot runner system. This requirement is becoming increasingly important due to ever more complex injection moulding applications and advancing globalisation and networking of production. An important feature of the system is the centralised and extremely clear display of all recorded parameters. This makes deviations detectable at a glance and enables efficient troubleshooting or process optimisation. In addition, smart Control scores with further clever features, such as the optionally integrable Virtual Rheology function. This live simulation of the melt flow in the hot runner system enables real-time calculation of the shear rates and the residence time from shot to shot. This offers the possibility of targeted process optimisation, especially when processing shear-sensitive or residence time-critical materials, and thus guarantees optimum part quality. The smart Control energy monitor makes the energy consumption of the mould and hot runner system transparent. By adjusting various parameters accordingly, the process can be specifically designed to optimise energy efficiency. The system will be presented at Fakuma in its latest development stage. This includes support for Euromap 63 and 77 as well as a further optimised user interface for even more user comfort.


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