Männer Solutions for Plastics Side injection valve gate nozzle enables compact moulds

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Due to their tubular geometry (long, narrow cores with an opening on both sides) syringe barrels require side injection during the plastic injection moulding process.

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Männer Edgeline four-point valve gate nozzle.
Männer Edgeline four-point valve gate nozzle.
(Source: Männer)

To meet these demands, hot runner and high precision mould specialist Männer developed a special valve gate nozzle for side injection. Männer’s Edgeline nozzle features valve pins that move at a right angle with respect to the opening and closing of the mould. With its advanced capabilities, Edgeline is said to let users enjoy the benefits of a hot runner system with the original cylindrical valve gate – featuring a defined pin opening and closing, cosmetic gate quality, resin savings, and above all high process reliability – in applications requiring side injection.

According to Männer, the Edgeline valve gate nozzle is ideal for processing even glass substitutes such as COC or COP, which are used in the production of prefilled syringes. The nozzle's design helps to maximise stress-free resin processing, making Edgeline suitable not only for commodity resins, but also for sensitive and demanding resins like COC/COP, PMMA, PC or TPE.


The Edgeline nozzle is designed to have an optimal temperature profile along the entire flow path, the supplier adds. New patent pending heater elements for the nozzle body, nozzle tip, and the nozzle base, along with special heat conducting materials, are some of the key features of the Edgeline nozzle. Additionally, an extended pin opening stroke has made it possible to increase the open flow area, reducing the required pressure through the nozzle. This feature is a tremendous benefit - especially for processing high viscous resins, Männer says.

The two- and four-drop Edgeline nozzle allows for compact high cavitation layouts and compact mould designs. The two-drop Edgeline features an axis spacing of 60 mm, and the four-point Edgeline has an axis spacing of only 30 mm x 60 mm.

"Maximising the use of Männer's proven technology" is the credo of Männer's development department, the company says. And in the development of its innovative Edgeline system, Männer has remained true to this principle. Like all Männer hot runner systems with the cylindrical valve gate, Männer's Edgeline is said to be distinguished by its high gate quality and production reliability.