OPS Ingersoll / AMB Revolutionising surface qualities for graphite

Editor: Briggette Jaya

OPS Ingersoll claims that its new EDM machine Eagle G5 Precision can achieve the highest precision results and the lowest electrode wear, which were not possible before – thanks to a whole new, innovative machine concept.

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OPS says its Eagle G5 Precision EDM machine is the answer for multi-cavity applications.
OPS says its Eagle G5 Precision EDM machine is the answer for multi-cavity applications.
(Source: OPS Ingersoll)

Eagle G5 Precision has a completely closed design that minimises the influence of temperature changes of the surroundings during the whole machining process. Despite this, according to OPS Ingersoll, there is no restriction to access the working area for automation or manual loading.

High thermal stability is required for precise results that allow for a deviation below 5µm – an accuracy that Eagle G5 Precision achieves, OPS claims. Thus, making the EDM machine ideal for multi-cavity applications.

Another advancement in the machine is the new and powerful Eagle Power Spark generator that replaces the outdated condensation stages, the company explains.

“We produce the finest, homogeneous and even dull shining surfaces, which could never be realised with graphite before, “ Dr. Max Schwade, technical manager at OPS says.

The Fraunhofer IPT Aachen, Germany, an institute that develops systems solutions for production focussing on many topics that include process technology, production machines and production quality, says that the resulting fine surfaces provide an optimal demouldability and are also much easier to polish to attain a mirror surface finish, when compared to milled surfaces.

Even large surfaces and different steel materials can be machined to achieve the finest surface qualities as opposed to applications with copper electrodes. For small workpieces, surface grades of up to VDI 8 can be achieved with graphite, while for areas up to 150 cm², VDI 10 is possible.

The factor that speaks the most for the Eagle G5 Precision is its significant reduction of electrode wear for surfaces, which can reach VDI 16, meaning, depending on the application, electrode wear is up to 50% lower than the average wear. A reason again that makes the machine good for multi-cavity applications.

To complete the offering is the company's newly developed programming software and an advanced, user-friendly, hand-piloted control, all of which support copper technology as well.

At AMB, OPS Ingersoll will be in Hall7, Booth B53.

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