Hilma-Römheld Programmable wedge clamps

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany – Clamping systems without hydraulic support are called for when operations on sliding tables, injection moulding machines and bed and ram of forming presses require the oil-free clamping of dies.

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The self-locking mechanism en-sures that the die is securely held.
The self-locking mechanism en-sures that the die is securely held.
(Source: Roemheld)

For such applications, Roemheld has developed new electro-mechanical wedge clamps, suitable for versatile application in all situations in which hydraulic oil is not desired: for example in purely electrical machines, in the food industry and in cleanrooms. As with their hydraulically driven counterpart, the electro-mechanical wedge clamps are also dualaction and made up of a guide housing and clamping bolt. For the 24-Volt variant, the retention forces have been increased significantly: up to 240 kN is possible with current consumption of just 3.8 A, the supplier says. This makes the clamping elements particularly suitable for systems in which dies and moulds have to be secured in tight spaces with high clamping forces.

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