Profile milling cutter Profile milling with a significant tool life increase

Source: Walter

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With the Xtra·tec XT M5460, Walter has launched a new profile milling cutter. It has been designed specifically for highly precise machining of freeform surfaces and deep cavities.

The Walter M5460 Profile Milling Series
The Walter M5460 Profile Milling Series
(Source: Walter)

The profile milling cutter M5460 from Walter features an internal coolant channel, which enables chip evacuation using coolant, compressed air or minimum quantity lubrication. This is necessary for deep pockets in particular, because it allows the user to blow out the chips. Walter offers the M5460 both with a Weldon and cylindrical shank, as well as with the cylindrical modular interface that is commonly used in mould and die making. As a first step, the company is launching the milling cutter for diameters from 8 to 32 mm.

The M5460 is a specialist for materials with difficult cutting properties, particularly for hard machining of steels up to 63HRC. Alongside the geometry of the indexable inserts with extremely stable cutting edges, the key to its success is the WHH15X grade developed by Walter. According to the company, this is extremely wear-resistant, therefore achieving high precision and long tool life. In field tests, Walter achieved increases in tool life of up to 500 percent. Thanks to an extensive range of cutting tool grades, the M5460 cutter can be used on steel, cast iron, stainless steels and materials with difficult cutting properties such as high temperature alloys. This means that, in addition to mould and die making, it also offers advantages for the aerospace or energy industries. The M5460 delivers high productivity with maximum process reliability.


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