Case study / Hainbuch Off to new horizons: Clamping devices reduce set-up times

Author / Editor: Melanie Bernard / Barbara Schulz

Germany – When Germany-based KTR Group was looking to reduce set-up times in the manufacturing process, as well as improvements in handling chips and contamination, they talked to Hainbuch at the EMO exhibition in 2013. The result is a good partnership and optimised processes.

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The Hainbuch Hydrok system is custom-tailored for KTR products. The company values the flexibility of the clamping heads and mandrels.
The Hainbuch Hydrok system is custom-tailored for KTR products. The company values the flexibility of the clamping heads and mandrels.
(Source: Hainbuch)

The family-run business with a high-level of research and development competence specialises in couplings, brakes, coolers, and hydraulic components for industrial applications. KTR imposes the most rigorous requirements on itself and on its suppliers. The most rigorous requirements particularly apply for the company's core business, couplings with diameters ranging from 10 mm to 2 m. Close tolerances and outstanding concentricity properties are demanded.

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Matthias Telker, director of Production Management at KTR, is responsible for process optimisation at all manufacturing locations. "In order to obtain the maximum, to deliver permanent quality of premium products, as well as being internationally successful, we need to constantly improve our operations. In 2013 there were extensive upheavals in manufacturing. The stipulations were to reduce idle and set-up times in production in order to further optimise throughput time. Consequently, Günter Schleyer, production manager at KTR, was intensively involved in this project.

"Several machines were due to be replaced after reaching the limit of their service life. Therefore, we re-examined the clamping area. The important questions were: How will we position ourselves in the future, and how do we increase flexibility? Among other things we use machines in floating processes for both series and single-item production. Here we were at a crossroad: On the one hand we required custom series production, on the other hand we needed a fast, flexible cell for the single parts production." His colleague, Production Manager Franz-Josef Reder, was assigned to deal with the new clamping system. In his research Reder then encountered Hainbuch products and met with Hainbuch representatives at EMO 2013.

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