Dormer Pramet New XP Center in East Europe to lead company future

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Czech Republic – Dormer Pramet has just opened a new facility in the Czech Republic. Called the XP Center, the Experience Center is aimed to develop new materials and technologies, the company said.

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Dormer Pramet's new XP Center in Šumperk, Czech Republic.
Dormer Pramet's new XP Center in Šumperk, Czech Republic.
(Source: Dormer Pramet)

Located at Dormer Pramet’s indexable production unit in Šumperk, Klas Forsström, Sandvik Machining Solutions president, Stefan Steenstrup, Dormer Pramet president, Marek Kotrlý, managing director and production manager Dormer Pramet and Zdenek Broz, Mayor of Šumperk, attended the official opening and performed the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The centre will provide expertise, training, research and development and equipment to further increase the scope and performance of the company’s assortment of cutting tools. At the opening, Forsström said: “This is the future of our industry, to interact with our customers and at the same time, bring it in to our own production, so this facility is very important.”


“Šumperk is a very important location. More than 600 of our 1,400 employees are based here and around 40% of everything we sell is manufactured here.” Steenstrup added.

He also noted that the company focused on certain areas of the market and had a unique position in sectors including the railway and heavy machining industries and that it was important to continue to develop these areas in the future, along with its offers across all segments to maintain this position.

XP Center is home to the materials’ team, who are researching on properties of substrates, developing new CVD and PVD coatings to improve the cutting edge.

R&D projects here include the creation and implementation of new production technologies, to improving the knowledge in supporting the manufacture of efficient cemented carbide products.

The centre also features a modern laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as electron microscopes, 3D scanners and a machine for measuring material wear during repeated stress. It also has a modern testing room featuring a variety of machine tools and measuring equipment, allowing for the testing of the functional properties of product prototypes and qualifying them prior to production.