Training and prototyping New features for manual milling-drilling machine

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The manual milling and drilling machine FPS 500M is being replaced by the further developed FPS 500M-hydro. This machine is even more compact, user-friendly and optimally tailored to the needs of the user.

The new FPS 500M-hydro with fixed control cabinet is particularly compact.
The new FPS 500M-hydro with fixed control cabinet is particularly compact.
(Source: FPS Werkzeugmaschinen)

With the FPS 500M-hydro, FPS Werkzeugmaschinen has further developed an established milling-drilling machine that is just as popular with metal technology education providers such as universities and training centres as it is in the testing and prototyping departments of many companies. It is precisely for and with these target groups that the machines have been further optimised in various respects.

For example, the latest Heidenhain active display replaces the previously used button digital display. The basis is a 12-inch screen with touchscreen that enables intuitive operation. A graphic positioning aid, a cutting data calculator and an operating manual are integrated, as is a USB interface for reading in and out data and programmes. The control system thus forms a kind of preliminary stage to the draw frame control system, which allows high-precision, manual work.


According to FPS, the now stepless speed control of the 500M-hydro with an extended range of 25 to 3,000 min-1 is an equally important innovation. This was made possible by the use of a powerful main spindle motor (13.3 kW at 25 percent ED), which is electronically controlled. Accordingly, the classic mechanical gearbox is no longer required, and the user can change the speed at any time according to demand.

The new milling-drilling machine also takes into account the lack of space available in many production areas. As requested by customers, the FPS engineers and technicians have permanently installed the control cabinet on the machine and realised installation dimensions of only 2,000 mm width and 2,100 mm depth. The working area of 500 x 400 x 400 mm (X/Y/Z) remains unchanged.

Another improvement mentioned by FPS is the hydromechanical clamping system. Compared to the former mechanical version, it makes working much more comfortable and corresponds to the standard that larger CNC machines offer.

However, proven features have been retained. For example, the high-grade workmanship and quality of the machine, which is characterised by a multi-ribbed machine frame and high-precision guides. The milling head, which can be moved by 150 mm, has also been retained, enlarging the y-working area accordingly. Even the changeover to horizontal machining is still easy to realise — without converting the milling head.

Existing accessories from other FPS or Deckel machines can also be used in the new FPS 500M-hydro.


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