Machining of demanding materials New carbide grades for high feed milling of tougher material

Source: Horn

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Cutting tool manufacturer Horn has announced the introduction of two new carbide grades for inserts used in its DAH82 and DAH84 high feed milling systems, enabling their use for machining a wider range of materials. The expansion gives customers the ability to choose grades best adapted to their applications.

Horn's new SC6A and IG6B grades expand the application range of its DAH82 and DAH84 high feed milling cutters.
Horn's new SC6A and IG6B grades expand the application range of its DAH82 and DAH84 high feed milling cutters.
(Source: Horn)

The new SC6A grade for inserts is suitable for machining materials in the ISO M group (stainless steels) as well as ISO S materials (superalloys) as a secondary application. The new IG6B grade has been developed for machining the ISO P group (steels), while it is also suitable as a multi-purpose grade for other material categories, as is the pre-existing SA4B substrate.

The eight usable cutting edges of the sintered inserts offer a competitive price per cutting edge and hence economical machining. The positive geometry ensures a soft, quiet cut as well as good chip flow. The large radius of the insert's main cutting edge also promotes a soft cut and as well as an even distribution of cutting forces, ensuring long tool life.

Maximum cutting depth is ap = 1.0 mm (DAH82) and ap = 1.5 mm (DAH84). The DAH82 variant is available as an end mill and as a screw-in milling cutter in the following diameters: 20 mm (z = 2), 25 mm (z = 3), 32 mm (z = 4), 35 mm (z = 4) and 40 mm (z = 5), where z denotes the number of inserts. As a shell mill, it is available in diameters of 40 mm (z = 5), 42 mm (z = 5) and 50 mm (z = 6).

For diameters of 50 mm and more, the larger DAH84 system is used. The variants are available only as shell mills in the following diameters: 50 mm (z = 4), 52 mm (z = 4), 63 mm (z = 5), 66 mm (z = 5), 80 mm (z = 6), 85 mm (z = 6), 100 mm (z = 7) and 125 mm (z = 8). All tool bodies receive a special surface treatment imparting high strength and hardness for long-term protection against abrasive wear from chips.


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