EMO 2019 / Paul Horn Milling instead of polishing

Editor: Steffen Donath

Horn is expanding its tool range. The monocrystalline diamond-tipped (MCD) ball nose end mills are intended for machining non-ferrous materials.

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Using MCD tools, laborious polishing processes are no longer needed.
Using MCD tools, laborious polishing processes are no longer needed.
(Source: Horn/Sauermann)

Milling with MCD-tipped tools saves on polishing processes when producing freeform surfaces. The new, larger diameter variants reduce machining time, guarantee compliance with the tightest tolerances and produce surface finishes in the nanometre range.

Horn offers the expanded portfolio of MCD ball nose end mills from stock. Diameters of 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm allow a broader range of applications to be covered. All variants are single-edged and feature an internal coolant supply. The solid carbide tool shanks enable vibration- and oscillation-free machining.

The range of applications for brilliant-finish milling is huge. In the tool and mould making industry in particular, the method saves on polishing, while also increasing quality in terms of precision, contour accuracy, flatness and surface finish. It is therefore used in applications where the surface quality of the mould needs to be matched by the finish of the parts being produced. For example, they include PET blow moulds and chocolate moulds as well as applications in the medical technology sector. In addition to brilliant-finish milling, Horn also offers solutions for brilliant-finish turning with MCD tools. This and more products from Horn will be presented at EMO.