Cutting Tools Mapal is investing in countersink manufacturing

Source: Press release

Germany — No bore without a countersink, that is a widely applicable rule. For this reason, Mapal has a product in its portfolio for the machining step. With a huge investment, the production of the patented countersinks is being taken to a new level in 2022, the company announced.

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Mapal’s patented countersinks have proven themselves time and again in use.
Mapal’s patented countersinks have proven themselves time and again in use.
(Source: Mapal)

The patented countersinks from Mapal are designed with three cutting edges and have extreme unequal spacing. The design reduces the axial forces by 50 percent as well as the forces acting perpendicular to the tool axis. This results in significantly less vibration on the tool during machining and consequently increased accuracy and better surface values. The contact of bolt and rivet hole connections is directly improved, and there is no setting under load. The smooth running of the tools also reduces the load on the machine. Users therefore run the Mapal countersinks at higher cutting speeds and achieve long tool lives.

The tool manufacturer is investing millions in the Winterlingen site in 2022 and particularly in countersink manufacturing. As a result, a completely new manufacturing technology is being introduced outside of machining: This is to reduce the use of material and to improves the manufacturer's energy balance. Mapal is also investing in the connectivity and automation of processes. For instance, through advanced image processing technology for pre-positioning in the machines, resulting in a reduction in non-productive time. Frank Dreher, Managing Director of the Centre of Competence for multi-bladed reamers points out: “We deliberately focus our production to the Winterlingen site, on manufacturing in Germany. Of course, we are encouraged by the feedback from our customers, who very much appreciate the value for money of our countersinks. Thanks to the investments in 2022, we ensure short delivery times and a reliably high level of quality.”

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