Iscar Logiq 3 Cham — Logically cutting cycle time

Editor: Steffen Donath

Designed to simplify operations and increase manufacturing productivity, integrating this drill into the machining process can reduce machining cycle times by up to 50 %.

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Even slanted surfaces are no problem for Logiq 3 Cham.
Even slanted surfaces are no problem for Logiq 3 Cham.
(Source: Iscar)

Iscar recently added the Logiq 3 Cham three-flute indexable drill with exchangeable heads to its product portfolio. A rigid clamping configuration divides the forces applied to the tool pocket into three segments, an arrangement that dramatically reduces harmful influences on pocket life and also substantially prolongs tool life.

The cutting forces are equally divided across the three cutting edges of the drilling head, and application of less pressure to each of the contact surfaces further extends drill pocket life.

The entire machining process becomes much easier as the cutting forces are spread across three cutting edges, while the drilling process is more stable and penetration into the metal is more balanced. Operators can work up to 50 % faster, as the feed per tooth can be increased significantly; alternatively, they can maintain the same feed per revolution as with a two-flute drill and achieve much longer tool life.

Logiq 3 Cham clamping relies on three anchor points of positioning, which enable high levels of repeatability when replacing the drilling head. Three radial and axial stoppers secure the drilling head and ensure a reliable drilling process in high-feed machining environments. With its sharp edges and patented point geometry, Logiq 3 Cham is extremely efficient when drilling a through-hole into a slanted surface, resulting in fewer burrs on the hole exit.


Easy chip evacuation and high wear resistance

The combination of self-centring geometry with a robust and accurate clamping system results in excellent hole cylindricity and roundness, and the produced chips are shaped optimally to allow smooth evacuation throughout the three polished high-helix flutes.

The drilling heads are produced in a diameter range of 12-25.9 mm with 0.1 increments. Featuring a single-type geometry suitable for both ISO P and ISO K materials, the heads are made of IC908 TiAlN PVD nano layer coating grade for prolonged and predictable tool life.

The heads incorporate wavy and honed cutting edges for best chip form and an easy chip evacuation process. A 15° corner chamfer increases wear resistance and strengthens the cutting corner, while dovetail clamping prevents the head from being extracted from the pocket during retraction. The pocket itself is designed to withstand high machining conditions and facilitate fast and easy indexing. In accordance with Iscar’s “no set-up time” motto, the user-friendly system eliminates the use of tightening screws to clamp the drilling head.

The drills are offered in 1.5, 3 and 5 drilling-depth-to-diameter ratios. Three polished flute surfaces facilitate a smooth and easy chip evacuation process and the variable flute angle design provides durable tool structure to withstand high axial forces. The helical margin prevents chip adhesion between the body and the hole during machining, while internal coolant channels supply cooling and lubrication during the drilling process. The drill body is made from high-grade steel with superior hardness for high wear resistance.

Logiq 3 Cham by Iscar is currently being applied in machining alloy steel, carbon steel, soft and gummy low-carbon steel, and cast iron in a multitude of industries.

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