Hainbuch Innovative technologies for workholding and automation solutions

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany – Hainbuch will be introducing a range of new products covering workholding and automation solutions.

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The company's carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) workholding in action.
The company's carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) workholding in action.
(Source: Hainbuch)

The Maxxos mandrel system has been developed for machining in challenging environments and applications, the company says. It incorporates Hainbuch's hexagonal clamping geometry, which is claimed to improve clamping forces and contamination sensitivity. The system incorporates technology from its Toplus range of chucks which has enabled it to increase clamping force by over 30%, compared to existing systems – and is offered for workholding applications in diameters from 10mm to over 150mm.

The Spanntop Nova workholding system offers three different chuck options: combi pull-back with end stop facility; combi dead-length with end stop; and modular chuck pull back version for bar work only. The clamping head’s vulcanised seals, Hainbuch explains, are designed to protect the system against ingress of coolant, swarf and dust, and minimises vibration. Workpieces of up to 215mm diameter can fit in the jaw module. Changeover time is reduced to just over one minute with the Centrotex positioning technology that eliminates radial adjustment, and by the fact that the base end-stop is held with just three screws. A new development permits 25% higher clamping forces from the same clamping cylinder that is used to actuate the Spanntop chucks. The Toplus has a pyramid arrangement of glide surfaces and the clamping head sits with full-surface contact in the chuck body, Hainbuch adds.

Also new, are light weight carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) clamping devices, manufactured by a process that embeds CFRP in a plastic matrix in multiple layers. The result is a strong, rigid composite material that enables slender, lightweight designs. This clamping device has a static radial clamping force of up to 170kN. CFRP reduces the weight of the clamping device by 70% to enable 30% faster spindle acceleration.