Ewikon Hot runner solutions for multi-cavity applications

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Germany – Ewikon will be showcasing its micro-manifold technology, a new standardised solution for the efficient large scale production of polyolefine parts in moulds with an extremely high number of cavities.

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Ewikon's micro-manifold technology: Arrangement of micro-manifolds under the main manifold.
Ewikon's micro-manifold technology: Arrangement of micro-manifolds under the main manifold.
(Source: Ewikon)

According to the company, target branches are the packaging and medical industry, where the technology is already successfully used in moulds with up to 192 cavities. The balanced micro-manifolds feature four screwed-in heat conductive tip inserts each which have a flow channel diameter of 3 mm and a melt seal directly at the gate. A fully balanced flow channel layout is then achieved by placing a main manifold on a second level.

Four gates only require one heating circuit. This reduces the expenditure for control technology as well as the amount of cables, Ewikon explains. Thus, considerably less space in the manifold frame plate is needed for wiring of the system. Since a part of this space can be used to integrate additional support sleeves or domes into the plate, mould designs with micro-manifold technology are not only more compact but also clearly more stable when compared with conventional multi-cavity mould layouts. Another advantage is the service-friendly system design. The tip inserts can be exchanged easily after removing the contour plate without the need to dismantle the manifold system. Furthermore, due to the fully balanced flow channel layout in a most compact body, the total flow path length in the system is said to be reduced and the pressure loss as well as the residence time is minimised. Ewikon offers complete hot halves with micro-manifold technology as 16, 32, 64, 96, 128 and 192-drop versions with standardised dimensions.

For process-reliable valve gating, Ewikon offers a variety of drive versions for easy adaption of the valve gate system to specific application requirements. The range includes hydraulic and pneumatic drive units for single nozzles as well as synchronous plate solutions for precise joint valve pin actuation. According to the supplier, the technology is particularly suitable for applications with an extremely high number of cavities, very close cavity spacing or small shot weights because it guarantees an even filling of all cavities with high reproducibility. Another drive option is the cleanroom compatible electric drive unit with latest generation step motor technology and furtherly improved comfortable touch screen control.

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