K 2019 / Ewikon Hot, cold and digital

Editor: Steffen Donath

At K 2019, Ewikon will show a new nozzle range for vertical multi-gating as well as products for process monitoring and cold runner solutions for the processing of LSR.

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An energy-efficient process is made possible because the contact points between hot runner system and mould are significantly reduced.
An energy-efficient process is made possible because the contact points between hot runner system and mould are significantly reduced.
(Source: Ewikon)

The HPS III-MV multi-tip nozzle for the vertical gating of parts is now available in a new version. With an improved installation geometry and a coil heater that is integrated into the pressure tube, the nozzle now features state-of-the-art hot runner technology with a stable heating and an even temperature profile. It is suitable for the processing of technical resins with narrow processing windows as well as fibre-reinforced materials used for electronic parts, technical parts and automotive parts. Two nozzle body diameters are available. They can be combined with several tip insert sizes for simultaneous gating of two to six parts with pitch diameters of 10.5 mm to 25 mm. This way, optimal adaptation of the nozzle to different application requirements, shot weights and resins is possible. The front installation option allows for particularly quick maintenance. After dismantling of the cavity plate, the nozzle is easily accessible for replacement or exchange of the tip inserts. A single nozzle version is available in addition to the standard version for installation under a manifold. Since the multi-tip concept has a part of the melt distribution already integrated into the nozzle, the manifold can be kept small and compact. This reduces the total flow path length and facilitates the processing of materials sensitive in terms of temperature and residence time, such as POM, as well as the direct gating of small or micro-parts. At the same time, a very energy-efficient process becomes possible because the contact points between hot runner system and mould are significantly reduced.

With smart Control, Ewikon will be showing the world’s first process monitoring device for hot runner systems. The compact process monitoring and diagnosis unit is optionally available for new hot halves and delivered readily wired and mounted on the wiring box of the system. For the injection moulder, this means more transparency in the production process. Data such as nozzle and manifold temperatures of the hot runner system, running times and downtimes of the mould as well as shot numbers is permanently collected and logged. When predefined critical values are exceeded, a warning signal can be triggered and — if required — submitted by e-mail.

The Coolshot high-performance cold runner system, meanwhile, allows for the processing of various types of LSR. As a key technology, the system features the Ewikon electric drive valve gate system, which has been used in hot runner applications across the globe for many years. When processing LSR, the electric step motors used allow for the ultra-precise positioning of the valve pins in steps of 0.01 mm, thereby enabling a perfect fine-balancing of the cavity filling. What’s more, the adjustment of the valve pin length via the controller is possible at any time without cycle interruption, thus avoiding manual adjustment work at the mould. As a result, the expenditure of time for system set-up and re-adjustment during production is considerably reduced. Furthermore, the advanced control technology allows for permanent monitoring and automatic adjustment of the valve pin positions by using encoders. The touchscreen panel offers comfortable operation and features remote control access by using a tablet PC (iOS, Android, Windows) with VNC viewer.

At K, Ewikon will be in Hall 1, Booth C11

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