Machining Equipment Haas 5-axis UMC to cost below €100,000 in Europe

Editor: Eric Culp

General Manager Bob Murray also said he expects record sales this year.

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Haas General Manager Bob Murray said he was upbeat about his company's growth in Europe.
Haas General Manager Bob Murray said he was upbeat about his company's growth in Europe.
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Haas Automation said it will be selling its UMC-750 3+2 simultaneous 5-axis universal machining centre in Europe for under €100,000. The company also announced at its press conference at the German metalworking show AMB 2012 that the unit, based on a prototype first shown at last year’s EMO exhibition, will be sold for less than $130,000 in the US.

Bob Murray, general manager of the Oxnard, California-based machine tool supplier, said he was optimistic about both the new centre's prospects and the company’s performance in Europe, and he predicted that Haas will tally record sales this year of between $960 million and $1 billion.

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Haas said the UMC-750 is a 5-axis universal machining centre with travels of 762 mm x 559 mm x 508 mm and an integrated dual-axis trunnion table. The machine has an inline direct-drive 40-taper spindle (8,000 or 12,000 rpm), and comes standard with a 40+1 tool side-mount tool changer. The company said the trunnion can position parts to nearly any angle for 5-sided (3+2) machining, or provide simultaneous 5-axis motion for contouring and complex machining. The machine provides +35° and -110° of tilt and 360° of rotation, according to the supplier.

Talking about the machining centre, Murray said, “I think it’s going to be a home run.” He noted that only 21 parts on the unit, mainly castings and sheet metal components, are newly designed, with the rest taken off the shelf from available Haas technology.

When asked about the low price tag, Murray explained it resulted partially from streamlining at both the factory and the company. “Two years ago, I said: ‘Let’s stop and focus on simplicity.’” Increased automation at the Oxnard plant combined with the decision to employ existing technology has reduced costs.

Murray’s prognosis for Europe was positive. “I think there is a lot of opportunity in Europe,” he said. When asked to specify the areas in which he expected growth, Murray pointed to small and medium-sized vertical machines as “strong markets”.