CNC Software/Moduleworks Getting the best out of 5-Axis technology for barrel tools

Editor: Briggette Jaya

US-based CNC Software, developer of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, has integrated the new Moduleworks 5-axis barrel mill components into its latest Mastercam version, expanding the software's accelerated finishing technology support.

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The latest version of Mastercam enables accelerated finishing.
The latest version of Mastercam enables accelerated finishing.
(Source: CNC Software)

CNC Software says its latest version of the Mastercam CAD/CAM software is now integrated with Moduleworks new 5-axis barrel mill components, which expands its accelerated finishing technology tool support. Mastercam 2020, said to have best-in-class tool management and intuitive user interface, utilises the full productivity benefits of the.barrel mill strategies, which now support taper, oval and lens-style tools. The software already uses the full range of Moduleworks multi-axis toolpath generation and simulation technology and the two companies worked closely to ensure a fast, seamless and high-quality integration of the latest barrel mill features.

Barrel mill tools are especially useful for cutting parts with steep features like those required in the aerospace, automotive and die/mould industries. According to the company, the barrel shape of the tool generates smaller cusps to deliver a high-quality surface finish, using large step overs that significantly accelerate the machining process. The Mastercam user interface simplifies and optimises the toolpath generation workflow and adds further productivity and quality enhancing features controlling step-over and step-down parameters that utilise the full potential of the Moduleworks components.

As part of the integration project, CNC Software conducted in-house machine trials to rigorously test and optimise the 5-axis barrel mill strategies.

Moduleworks is the leading software component provider for the CAD/CAM industry.