Heller German machine tool maker sights in on mould industry

Editor: Eric Culp

Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik has long been a leading supplier to the world's mechanical engineering industries. Recently the company decided it wanted to increase sales to mould shops. Managing Director Klaus Winkler discusses the reasons for the interest in the sector.

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Heller's production plant is gearing up for deliveries to tool and mould makers, too.
Heller's production plant is gearing up for deliveries to tool and mould makers, too.
(Source: Heller)

ETMM: Why has your company been increasing its focus on mould makers?

Winkler: In recent years, we have been working on laying the foundations for meeting the requirements of many different branches of industry. One focus was on providing reliable and flexible modular machine concepts as a basis for offering tailor-made individual solutions at competitive prices. The other was on expanding our global presence. The continual expansion of our customer base is a strategic long-term objective aiming to cater to the needs of our existing markets as well as new ones. Since 2010, Heller has diversified into new customer segments such as aerospace and mould and die manufacturing. Recent developments in our product portfolio combined with innovative and efficient technologies, such as gear milling, simultaneous 5-axis machining and machining of titanium, have provided attractive technological manufacturing solutions for many sectors and industries. One industry we are focusing on is mould and die manufacturing, where industrial machining processes are also beginning to play a bigger role due to the high share of individual parts to be machined. Based on our many years of experience, Heller is able to provide convincing solutions for this industry, too.

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ETMM: Who do you serve? What is the sales breakdown?

WInkler: Among our customers are companies from the automotive industry and their suppliers, machine manufacturers, electronics companies, aerospace manufacturers, power engineering companies, subcontractors and many other industries. Two-thirds of our orders come from the car industry, while the other third is generated by customers from other industrial sectors, e.g., the general machine industry and job order production.