German machine tool maker sights in on mould industry

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ETMM: How does your experience transfer to equipment for mould making?

Winkler: Basically, our formula for success is based on three pillars: Heller machining centres and flexible manufacturing systems, application, and a comprehensive range of services. Our current machine range comprises horizontal 4-axis machining centres for highly productive machining in all disciplines, 5-axis machines for complete machining, through to machining centres for combined milling and turning operations. The application, in combination with the machine or the manufacturing system, is what distinguishes us from the competition. The complete package we provide, e.g. for machining of highly precise machine elements in machine construction, is characterised by flexibility, highest availability and productivity and maximum competitiveness throughout the complete life cycle of the system. After all, we are convinced that sustained high availability and maximum productivity of the Heller machines can only be ensured by providing tailor-made and modular service solutions.

In mould and die manufacturing, in particular, capacity aspects and productivity are becoming increasingly important. Our machines provide the necessary robust build as well as a highly dynamic design for these tasks. In addition, Heller machines enable roughing and finishing operations to be performed in a single setup since the machine geometry provides the appropriate precision and stability. Furthermore our machines provide very low levels of vibration, which has a very positive influence on surface finish. Our machines have demonstrated all this in many different branches of industry and that is why we believe that mould and die manufacturers will also benefit from the qualities they provide.