Machining For large and complex components: New series of double column machines

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The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) announced the arrival of its new Vulcan Series of double-column machining centres for the highly productive machining of large components. The Vulcan double column machining centres series allow for the production of large complex components up to 10 metres in length and are offered as a boxway or linear configuration.

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(Source: ETG)

The new boxway series of double column machines is available with a multitude of variants that includes the DC Series 16/20B and the 23/26B, within these two variants are several dimensional alternatives. The smallest variant in the new 16/20B lineup is the DC2216/20B double column machining centre. The DC 16/20B Series has an X-axis of 2.2 m to 4.2 m, a Z-axis of 800 mm to 1 m and a Y-axis of 1.6 m to 2 m depending upon the variant selected. The more compact of the new line-up, the DC2216/20B has an X-axis of 2.2 m with a distance between the columns of 1.7 m.

The DC2216/20B has a 2 m by 1.4 m (1.7 m optional) table dimension with a maximum table load of 8000 kg, providing the end-user with a spacious work envelope with the capacity for large and heavy components. The spindle motor is available with a range of options that include an 18.5, 22, 26, 30 or a colossus 37 kW motor with spindle speeds ranging from 6000 rpm to 20,000 rpm depending upon the variant selected. Regardless of whether the end-user opts for a high-speed or high-torque spindle variant, the spindle taper can be provided with the choice of BT50, ISO50 or CAT50 to meet the needs of the customer. Working in tandem with the spindle taper is a tooling carousel that can be selected with 24, 32, 40 or even 60 tool positions for maximum flexibility. The automatic tool change system can accommodate a maximum tool weight of 20 kg and a length of 350 mm with a maximum diameter of 125 mm, or 245 mm if the adjacent position is free.

The cast assembly of the Vulcan double column machines is equipped with lubricant recycling to keep the base clean, lubricant and coolant separation systems to prolong the service life of the coolant and a complete swarf management system to avoid damage to the guideways. The machines also incorporate a “box in box” headstock structure design with square type ribs that efficiently reduce the weight of the headstock and also enhances the geometric and thermal stability of the machine, giving excellent rigidity and kinematics.

The rigidity and construction of the DC2216/20B provide a foundation for precision as well as productivity and flexibility. This is demonstrated by the +/-0.005 mm positional accuracy over 300 mm of travel or an overall positional accuracy over the complete travel of the machine that is +/-0.015 mm. This impressive level of precision and repeatability is a credit to the design, kinematics and construction of the 20-tonne workhorse that has a compact floor area of 8.4 m by 5.1 m.

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