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Floyd Automatic Tooling has introduced the new Switch-Line Series of interchangeable turning tools from Applitec. Developed to deliver fast, easy tool changeovers with precision, repeatability and consistency, the new series has been designed for use with standard tool platens on turning centres.

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The Applitec Switch Line turning series from Floyd Automatic.
The Applitec Switch Line turning series from Floyd Automatic.
(Source: Floyd Automatic)

Applitec has created an innovative new line of turning tools in response to customers that require quick and easy insert and tool changeovers with accuracy and reliability. This high level of precision and repeatability is derived from a new ‘face and taper’ location system that not only improves positioning and accuracy but also stability and cutting performance. Furthermore, the new design characteristics see the Switch-Line provide ease of use and affordability.

The interchangeable heads are available for all Applitec insert lines including the Top-Line, Turn-Line and the Iso-Line. With the Top-Line catering for all parting, grooving and intricate form machining applications and the Turn-Line and Iso-Line meeting, the diverse turning requirements of any machine shop; the new Switch-Line Series is the product of choice for manufacturers looking to improve productivity and performance with the added benefit of reducing machine downtime and tool changeovers. With a comprehensive range of insert dimensions, geometries and coatings to suit all material and application types, the new Switch-Line is ideal for all users of sliding head turning centres.

To improve handling and tool changeovers, Applitec has developed the system with a single screw release system that demonstrates the ease of changeovers. The program also incorporates a range of cylindrical tool holders with interchangeable ER collet holders and HSK designations for quick tool changes, further expanding the flexibility of the series. In addition, the Switch-Line Series allows for through tool coolant and high-pressure coolant facility via the Applitec JET-line or HEB Mini Plug system. Both coolant delivery systems can be fitted quickly and with ease to the Switch-Line Series with no time-consuming hose changeovers or bulky connections that can clutter the work envelope. To further reduce set-up times and maximise machine uptime, the new series can be pre-set away from the machine, so the operator has a simple task of adjusting a single screw to change the tool head.

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