K 2019 / Mastip Expanded nozzle range

Editor: Steffen Donath

Mastip aims to provide hot runner products, suitable for engineering grade polymers in segments including medical, electrical, appliances, packaging etc.

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Mastip presents new products and an expanded nozzle range at K Show 2019.
Mastip presents new products and an expanded nozzle range at K Show 2019.
(Source: Mastip)

The company's new releases include the Nexus valve gate with Cylix actuation. Pre-assembled, the system can be installed out of the box. It includes customised trunking to match specific mould layouts and offers quick removal of the complete system from the mould. It incorporates the advanced leak protection of the Flowloc 16, 19 and 27 series nozzle range which features a threaded connection that attaches to the manifold, providing a secure, leak-proof operation. With advanced heating technology, the Flowloc nozzle delivers high thermal performance for a wide moulding window.

Mastip’s Cylix Cylinder features pneumatic valve actuation in a thermally stabilised system mounted directly to the manifold. With the ability to adjust valve pin height and incorporating high-temperature seals, it is the ideal solution for precise control of your moulding requirements.

Mastip will also be showcasing another new release: the Verishot Single Valve Gate system. With an extremely compact design, the Verishot SVG is compatible with TX19 and TX27 Flowloc nozzles, which screw directly into the lower manifold providing a secure, leak-proof solution that greatly reduces mould height requirements and ensures perfect alignment between mould and machine platens.

Pre-assembled, the Verishot features include high-temperature seals and adjustable valve pins, providing a flawless injection moulding process, making it ideal for applications requiring a highly cosmetic gate finish, fast flow rates, large volume parts and dimensional accuracy. Low mould filling stress results in superior part quality and consistency. With an excellent thermal profile, Verishot ensures a wide moulding window and is capable of processing a wide range of both engineering and commodity polymers, according to the company.

The company's proven nozzles, SX, BX and TX nozzles now come in an even wider range of lengths. SX, MX and BX are now available in H13 or 420 Steel.

Additionally, Mastip offers open valve tips designed to house clip-on cap insulators, in G1 and G5 tip grades. The G1 tip is manufactured from copper alloy and is suitable for commodity polymers requiring a conical gate shut-off. The G5 tip is manufactured from hard wearing sintered material and is suitable for abrasive engineering polymers. The G5 tip offers precise valve pin guidance for cylindrical gate shut off. Cap Insulators can be used for residence sensitive polymers or when colour changing is required.

Mastip will be present at K 2019 in Hall 1, Booth E02.