Heavy-Duty Turning ETG introduces large turning series

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For manufacturers looking for a heavy-duty, robust and cost-efficient large bed turning centre, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) now has the Vulcan TC800 turning centre series in its range of machines.

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The TC800 Series is suitable for heavy-duty cutting.
The TC800 Series is suitable for heavy-duty cutting.
(Source: ETG)

The modularity of the Vulcan TC800 turning centre series from ETG offers a solution for every machine shop that needs to turn particularly large parts. The TC800 offers a swing over the bed of 1,100 mm with a maximum turning diameter of 1,020 mm and a working length of 2 200 mm. For efficiently turning parts in this large dimensional realm, the TC800 is powered by a 37 kW four stepped gearbox that generates exceptionally high levels of torque throughout the speed range up to the maximum 1,500 rpm.

This enables the TC800 Series to undertake heavy-duty cutting with high material removal rates. This stability is further reinforced by the machine weight of 18,000 kg and a footprint of 8.7 m by 3.2 m.

From a flexibility standpoint, the TC800 is also available as a TC800L (long) variant with Z-axis travel up to 5,190 mm and an overall weight of 32,000 kg that is packed into the 11.7 by 3.2 m machine footprint. This enables ETG to offer a colossus turning centre to meet the dimensional requirements of the majority of large turned part manufacturers. Adding to the base TC800 variant is the TC800M that supports manufacturers looking to reduce secondary operations through the application of live tooling stations on the 12-station tool turret. Utilising a servo turret to instigate powerful high torque milling with speeds up to 3,000 rpm, the TC800M is suitable for flexible production that will reduce cycle times and set-ups for end users.

ETG can supply this next generation machine as the standard TC800, the TC800L, TC800M or the TC800ML with a multitude of smaller variants in the turning series also available to suit the needs of every machine shop.

The concept behind this slant bed range of machines demonstrates high precision and productivity with the Z and X-axes mounted upon ball-type, linear or boxway guideways with axis movement directly driven by servo motors for rapid traverse rates up to 30 m/min. As standard, the TC800 Series is supplied with a 6-bar coolant pump, automatic lubrication system, tool kit, work light, 3-colour beacon light, chip conveyor, manual tailstock and heat exchanger for the electrical cabinet.

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