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The wait is nearly over — the WFL Technology Meeting, which has become a company tradition, will be taking place between June 21-23 2022. Visitors will be able to see for themselves how WFL is setting trends at the three-day trade fair with exhibition space spanning over 4,000 m2.

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The M20 Millturn is the latest addition to WFL's product portfolio. The integrated Intcell production cell is mounted on the right-hand side of the machine and will be presented to the public at the Technology Meeting.
The M20 Millturn is the latest addition to WFL's product portfolio. The integrated Intcell production cell is mounted on the right-hand side of the machine and will be presented to the public at the Technology Meeting.
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At this year's WFL Technology Meeting in Linz, Austria, visitors can experience two new M20-G Millturns live. One of the counter spindle machines is equipped with an innovative automation solution — the Intcell. The turning-boring-milling unit with integrated spindle motor and a B-axis with torque motor is completely new. Another highlight is the individual tool holder with B-axis on the lower slide. The upper and lower system can be used simultaneously. Both systems are supplied from a joint magazine by a reliable, dynamic tool changer. Highly complex components can therefore be produced extremely efficiently on both spindles at the same time without the usual setting-up of the tool turret. As the centre of the milling spindle can travel up to 100 mm below the turning centre, drill patterns on the face up to Ø 200 mm can be produced with high precision without rotation of the C-axis.

Another key advantage of this machine is that a wide range of automation options can be integrated with ease. The new, integrated Intcell production cell is mounted on the right-hand side of the machine and the workpieces are provided on a strip accumulator. Thanks to the integrated loading concept, WFL has reduced the space required compared to a conventional production cell by 50 percent. The integrated M20-G loading is designed for chuck parts up to 300 mm in diameter and workpieces up to 15 kg in weight. In the case of shaft parts, a workpiece diameter of 100 mm and a workpiece length of 300 mm is possible.

Eye-catching design

The continuous front made from hardened glass features an integrated display of performance data as well as a touch panel for easy operation of the tool magazine from the front of the machine. Highly energy-efficient, bright LED lights ensure the working area is perfectly lit. The machine status is indicated via a highly visible LED strip light in the lower part of the sliding door.

The M20 is offered with tailstock or counter spindle and features dynamic and powerful drives. The power of up to 44 kW during turning effortlessly machines materials that are difficult to machine. With up to 25 kW and 20,000 rpm, the milling spindle is ideal for all machining tasks. Either the HSK 63 or Capto C6 can be selected as the tool system.

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Visitors to the trade fair will be able to watch a technologically challenging chuck part being machined live on the M20-G. Special gear technology such as gear skiving of internal and external gears as well as complex turning, drilling and milling operations on the main and counter spindle will be shown. The automatic tool change on both individual tool holders will also be demonstrated.

M65 Millturn with mobile robot automation

Mobile robots move around completely autonomously with no need for cables or human input for them to work. Another key advantage of these robots is that they avoid obstacles, meaning that they can also be used in halls where the set-up is constantly changing and where machines and people are moving around. Sensors help to ensure that mobile robots move safely and efficiently between locations and interact safely and efficiently with people, forklifts and other material handling equipment.

Using intelligent software in combination with the relevant automation solutions not only enables workpieces to be loaded and unloaded but also means that machining centres can be supplied fully automatically with tools and clamping devices. As an innovative automation partner to WFL, Frai is presenting its mobile robot system, which responds to this trend, at the event. This concept has scope for various expansion stages, making it as future-proof as possible.

Smart tools: Icotronic & ultrasound measurement

The Icotronic tool is equipped with sensors and supplies information about the machining process as close as possible to the cutting edge. Not only should this optimise milling processes in future, it should also increase machine productivity. The demo at the WFL Technology Meeting will give an insight into WFL's wide-ranging development projects.

Ultrasound measurement will also be demonstrated live to visitors. The automatically exchangeable ultrasound measuring probe enables a fully automatic measuring process. The large measurement range and automatic, error-proof measuring process are the main advantages. Ultrasound measurement is ideal for determining and compensating for the tool drift of very deep centre holes.

Operational data acquisition with my WFL

Another highlight at the WFL Technology Meeting will be the new my WFL Cockpit operational data acquisition system. Machine and program states over time, productivity and technical availability will all be displayed, either on the control system, PC or mobile device via a web browser. This means that the user can always be well-informed about their machine productivity.

Another new feature is the my WFL Energy energy usage measurement device integrated into the my WFL Cockpit, which displays the current power data as well as the energy and compressed air consumption of each workpiece.

The Condition Monitoring cycle integrated into my WFL continuously records the status of the axes and spindles during a measuring run and saves them to the control system. Possible changes can easily be detected and displayed via the Condition Monitoring Viewer.

Machining large parts

Special needs demand special measures. Gas and steam turbines, components for wind turbines, rollers, crankshafts and transmission parts in machine construction – WFL can now machine large and, above all, heavy parts with workpieces weighing up to 60 tonnes. What makes this extraordinary is that these types of heavy components can be machined in just a few clamping operations and in a single machine. A Millturn can even easily handle high-strength steel or HRSA (heat resistant super alloy) material. Special-purpose machines, such as those needed in multi-step production, can largely be replaced.

Distortion-free, secure clamping is decisive when it comes to high quality standards. Large masses have a tendency to deform or change simply as a result of their net weight. The sag of a turbine shaft weighing 60 tonnes is so great that this needs to be taken into account when clamping the workpiece. This variable can be compensated with the right design for the clamping device, clamping method and use of WFL measuring cycles to adjust the workpiece. The accessibility to the machine with folding grate elements and tread plates also ensures the best possible ergonomics.

Experience a heavy component (23t) being completely machined on the M150 Millturn in just one clamping operation as well as the machining of large gear teeth using the Flanx-Large Module.

Programming and processing of plasticising screws

The medium-size machine types impress with their efficient machining of long shaft parts, rotors and screws. With the M50, WFL has taken over several features from the larger M80. The available machine potential is fully exploited, particularly through the higher drive power combined with the HSK-A100 or Capto C8 tool accommodation. The M50 offers a turning diameter of 670 mm. A separate pick-up magazine is also available for very long and/or heavy tools. Tools up to 1600 mm long can be used and exchanged automatically in the machine. The standard disc magazine can be expanded to up to 200 positions.

Screw CAM, the innovative software for programming plasticising screws with complex geometries, will be introduced at the WFL Technology Meeting. The geometries that can be produced include single or multi-thread channels, changeable depths, any change in pitch, wall shaping and wall inclination. Furthermore, the entire NC programme is checked for collisions and the correctness of the workpiece geometry produced using a material removal simulation and geometrical verification against the 3D target geometry of the screw. The result is a verified NC programme with estimated machining time.

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