Hot runners Ensure optimum gate temperature control with ante-chamber bush

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — Ante-chamber bushes are used in hot runner nozzles for providing the required nozzle shape in the cavity plate. They help to quickly restore the gate point quality in applications with abrasive plastics. The ante-chamber bush ensures optimum cooling in the gate point.

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The cooled ante-chamber bush from Meusburger provides optimal cooling in the gate point.
The cooled ante-chamber bush from Meusburger provides optimal cooling in the gate point.
(Source: Meusburger)

Meusburger customers can customise the cooled ante-chamber bush EC according to their requirements and have it delivered in no time at all. If the appropriate installation space is available in the mould, the company’s ante-chamber bush can provide both temperature regulation close to the gate point and along the entire circumference as well as exact installation dimensions for the smart Fill hot runner nozzle series. This allows for maximum flexibility regarding the gate diameter, the length of the ante-chamber bushes as well as the connection to the temperature control channels in the mould. Uniform gate temperatures and easy cleaning ensure lasting high quality for both the gate and the component for the injection moulded part.

The cooled ante-chamber bush features cooling close to the gate point along the entire circumference and optimal control of the gate temperature. Further advantages are the wear-protected and corrosion-resistant design and fast integration into the mould concept along with the customisable gate diameters. In addition, the lengths can be matched exactly to the mould design. Installation and removal are just as easy as cleaning the of ante-chamber bush.

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