Milling cutter Economical processing of aluminium and composite components

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — Already in 2019, on the occasion of the EMO exhibition, Lach Diamant wrote „the trend in milling is towards Monoblock“ — or, in other words, to “renounce“ profitably the use of cartridge milling cutters. The PCD-Monoblock is, in direct comparison with cartridge milling cutters, immediately ready for use — without time-consuming adjustment of the cutting edges needed.

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PCD Monoblock milling cutter with option “cool-injection” for maximal utilization in series production for aluminium processing
PCD Monoblock milling cutter with option “cool-injection” for maximal utilization in series production for aluminium processing
(Source: Lach Diamant)

Machine tool manufacturer Lach Diamant can refer to 40 years of experience in the production and successful application of PCD-Monoblock tools — from PCD end mills to PCD milling cutters with diameter 250 mm. What started in 1978 with the production of the world`s first PCD milling cutters — straight cutting, with axial angle or also with profile — for the wood/furniture, door as well as the plastics/composite industries, became, with the increasing development of CNC machines, an absolute must also for the automotive and accessories industries: The cutting material polycrystalline diamond (PCD) for the machining of aluminium and composite components in series production.

High-performance milling requires special protection of the diamond cutting edge against inconvenient heat generation. In cooperation with Audi, Lach Diamant has developed the system “cool-injection”; here the cooling jet coming out of the carrier tool is conducted through the diamond cutting edge directly to the chip being generated; no harmful heat is produced. Several patents have been granted for this innovation which was already awarded with the Hessian Innovation Prize.

The optional system “cool-injection” makes the PCD-Monoblock a high-performance milling tool for all series manufacturers enabling them to take the best possible advantages of HSC/HPC aluminium machining. The solution allows for the maximum width of the available PCD cutting edge to be used for the infeed. The costs for the option “cool injection” are shown as extra in the quotation for a PCD-Monoblock milling cutter.

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