Sumitomo Electric Hartmetall Double-sided milling inserts are accurate, reduce tool wear

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Cutting Tools – A new design of a milling cutter body and insert increases the economic advantages by making available a double-sided milling insert with six corners, Sumitomo says.

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Sumitomo's milling cutters feature double-sided inserts with six corners.
Sumitomo's milling cutters feature double-sided inserts with six corners.
(Source: Sumitomo)

The new cutter development is said to capitalise on the benefit from higher accuracy of index by separating the location area from the cutting edge so it is able to match the machining accuracy of single-sided inserts. In addition, the SEC-Sumi Dual Mill (DFC Type) range of milling cutters, that accept the new inserts from Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal, provide high stability under cut and especially when high feed rate conditions are involved.

The shank bodies of the DFC range are available in standard and fine pitch from 25 mm to 63 mm in diameter with two to seven teeth and shell mill cutters in standard, fine and extra fine pitch, from 50 mm to 160 mm in diameter with four to 16 teeth.

Furthermore, three chip breaker inserts are available, which are designed for steel and cast iron in L, G and H styles. The cutter body and double-sided insert design eliminates tool wear in the supporting or location areas guaranteeing precise repositioning of the centre-screw secured insert in its pocket, Sumitomo claims. Additionally, the cutting edge enhances the toughness of the insert which incorporates a wiper edge, thus, optimising machining accuracy and surface finish for depth-of-cut (DOC) of up to 3 mm. However, DOC of up to 6 mm can also be applied for roughing and general machining, the company says.