Haimer Digitisation in machining environment for process-secure tooling

Editor: Briggette Jaya

At both AMB in Stuttgart, Germany, and IMTS in Chicago, USA, the Haimer Group will showcase digital solutions for tool management and will present the company's product programme from tool holders and presetters, shrinking and balancing technology to solid carbide end mills and 3D sensors.

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A complete system provider around the machine tool, Haimer's products are prepared for easy data exchange.
A complete system provider around the machine tool, Haimer's products are prepared for easy data exchange.
(Source: Haimer)

Haimer offers two options for integrating tool holders through digital communication in production. One is the wireless RFID data chip, which reads and records data memory, to ensure the identification of tools and their chucks. It stores the data (geometry, balancing grade, etc.) from balancing and presetting devices that is then transferred to the tool and also stores information on tool life.


The other option is the chuck, which is available with laser-printed QR or data matrix codes, that are read by scanners and evaluated by several systems. It contains the serial number of the tool, which allows a cross-software solution like the Haimer DAC (Data Analyser and Controller) to connect with the corporate network, thus enabling identification of the tool as well as accessing additional tool data (assembly, part numbers, stock adjustment, 3D models). This option, however, stores no additional information on the tool.

To maximise benefits of digitisation in a machining environment, network compatibility of shrinking, balancing and presetting devices are essential. Machines communicate with tools or their RFID chips and also exchange data with external management systems, such as customer networks or in the cloud. Haimer's DAC enables the bidirectional exchange between all the company's products, the machine tool and their data memories. DAC is easy to operate, supports the user in production data analysis and optimises processes. Another software, the Smart Tool Data Exchange 4.0, prepares tool data in such a way that it can be transferred into common external software solutions.

Among the other exhibits are the latest of the Power Clamp series of Haimer's shrink fit devices, shrink fit collets and useful novelties in the field of metal cutting, including the new range of Haimer's Duo-Lock modular tools.

At AMB, the Haimer Group will be in Hall 1, Booth C71, while at IMTS, Haimer will be in the West Hall, Booth 431546.

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