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At Mach in Birmingham, the Linz-based company WFL Millturn Technologies will be represented by Kyal Machine Tools to inform about innovations relating to high-end technologies. From 04-08 April 2022, visitors can learn everything about the latest technology of the machine engineering company.

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Clamp once — machine complete: various tools used can be stored and kept ready in the tool magazine, which minimises clamping times while significantly improving positional accuracy.
Clamp once — machine complete: various tools used can be stored and kept ready in the tool magazine, which minimises clamping times while significantly improving positional accuracy.
(Source: WFL)

Complete machining is subject to different demands today, which is why WFL is striving to integrate a wide range of technologies, measuring tasks, finish machining operations, gear teeth and much more into their Millturn complete machining centres, all to suit the customer‘s needs.

However, the company focusses on more than just the machining operation itself; they cover the entire process. This means defining the machining process, workpiece programming, simulation, production and finally, support throughout the entire service life of a machine.

Reducing the amount of clampings decreases the risk of clamping errors and consequently improves the process quality. Embodied automatic measuring solutions ensure highest possible process quality. These measurement readings can be recorded and monitored in the WFL Process Monitoring advanced software. The extremely ridged design of the machine centring around a 60° slant bed enables the customer to perform deep ID machining operations to avoid another clamping in a dedicated machine, resulting in better quality, less floor space and reduced operation costs.

In terms of productivity benefits customers profit from the implementation of WFL’s machine tools, the main advantage being the reduction in the amount of different machines required to produce a part. This reduction in complexity has many positive effects on the customers production environment. For example, less workpiece clampings, results in less complexity and simpler production planning. Furthermore a large tool magazine helps in changeover times since all tools can be kept in the machine for different parts or different clampings. Rigidity for efficient machining of exotic alloys and the compact design of the machine, as well as the latest in-machine cutting-edge metrology in conjunction with process control software round off the total package.


Integrating different machining and inspection steps into one Millturn results in significantly reduced intermediary stock and waiting time. Machining time, storage costs and component lead-time are reduced. WFL provides turnkey solutions that include production strategy, tool selection and programming in addition to the machine. WFL’s range of technology expertise includes ID machining, bottle boring operations and facing head operations for eccentric turning. All benefits of complete machining for aerospace work are exploited, setting new standards in value and precision.

WFL’s latest additions for the manufacturing of large parts include the M175 for up to 1,700 mm swing and heavy workpieces and the M175LS (Large Swing) for up to 2,000 mm swing for medium workpiece weights. The M175LS is a particularly interesting machine for the aerospace industry since it can swing many large landing gear components, as well as large discs.

At the other end of the Millturn spectrum is the M20. This machine comprises two single tool carriers with automatic tool change, as well as fully integrated automatic loading and unloading of parts.

With the acquisition of Frai Robotics, WFL became a system supplier offering its customers complete automatic production systems. Therefore, a lot of R&D effort goes into Closed Door Machining and system integration. Different technical disciplines must work well together to keep machine doors shut at all times and keep spindles running.

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