Metav 2018 Clamping technology to be presented at Metav 2018

Author / Editor: Rosemarie Stahl / Rosemarie Stahl

VDMA, the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association, will hold a Clamping Technology Forum at Metav 2018. Hainbuch and Römheld announced that they will unveil their latest developments in clamping at the International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies.

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Large forces in a minimised space: hydraulic clamping technology has proved its worth when it comes to clamping heavy workpieces.
Large forces in a minimised space: hydraulic clamping technology has proved its worth when it comes to clamping heavy workpieces.
(Source: Römheld)

Römheld and Hainbuch will take part in the Clamping Technology Forum. The two companies agree that particularly clamping technology plays an important role in a time of automation and digital transformation. This will also be reflected in speeches and keynotes at the event.

In early 2017, Römheld announced the founding of a joint venture together with Rivi magnetics called Römheld Rivi. This company specialises in magnetic clamping technology for die and mouldmaking inserts. Hans-Joachim Molka, Managing Director of Römheld, says that this technology assures entirely new degrees of freedom and high flexibility.


Only eight years ago, Römheld was still a newcomer in clamping for die and mouldmaking. Instead, users knew the company as a supplier of workpiece clamping technology. This has changed. According to Römheld, the company has a reputation among die and mould designers for components like positioning cylinders, non-rotating cylinders or gate valves.

Molka also has an idea of what the company plans for the future and for Metav: “As the vendor with the world’s biggest portfolio of clamping technology, we aim to demonstrate our innovative vigour. Which is why we are continuing to design-enhance the drive types concerned, and will for the future be offering disparate drive types and technologies.”

As the managing director explaines, electro-mechanical clamping systems have an advantage when it comes to fine-regulation or networking in Industry 4.0. “When you need large forces in a minimised space, then hydraulics are definitely your best choice,” Molka says. Römheld is therefore opting for a variety of drive types.

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The company also witnesses the effect automation and digital transformation have on clamping technology. “The clamping components supply data to the entire system, and thus contribute towards interactive real-time control of the manufacturing system concerned,” Molka says. More information on this topic will be available at the Clamping Technology Forum of VDMA and at the Moulding Area at Metav. At the Forum, Stefan Nitsche, Head of Product Management at Hainbuch GmbH in Marbach, will give an insight on the role of clamping technology in digital manufacturing.

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