Company News Zero Waste — Seco Tools gives carbide a second life

Editor: Steffen Donath

Since waste prevention and climate protection concern everyone, Seco Tools has launched a zero waste donation campaign to support non-profit environmental projects.

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With its recycling programme, Seco Tools is driving forward the resource-efficient recycling of carbide.
With its recycling programme, Seco Tools is driving forward the resource-efficient recycling of carbide.
(Source: Seco Tools)

The time-limited campaign runs until the end of July and is part of the established Seco Recycling Programme. Customers who return their used carbide products will be compensated and help conserve natural resources.

Materials such as tungsten and cobalt, from which cutting tools are made, are valuable raw materials with limited availability. Seco is helping its customers to recycle carbide products after use for even more sustainable production. This not only conserves natural resources, but also significantly reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Seco’s recycling programme enables its customers to easily achieve their environmental goals. To this end, free recycling boxes are provided which customers fill with used carbide in their production facilities. Seco organises the collection of materials that are difficult to dispose of and remunerates them at market value.

Support for environmental projects

To actively promote sustainability, Seco Tools is organising its recycling weeks until 31 July 2020 with the Zero Waste fundraising campaign. In cooperation with the non-profit organization Gold Standard, Seco will donate one euro to charitable projects for every five kilograms of carbide sent in. The money will be used to reforest the global biodiversity hotspot on the Yarra Yarra River in Australia and to support a wind energy project in Rajasthan, India.

Manufacturer-independent take-back

Inserts, solid carbide drills and milling cutters, inserts with brazed-in PCD/CBN segments as well as wear parts from all manufacturers are suitable for recycling. The carbide is reprocessed in a certified recycling plant and used for new products. The powder obtained in the process is of the same high quality and material properties as new powder.