Spare parts XYZ Machine Tools is pioneering superior service and sustainable practices in the industry

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As part of its push to further improve the levels of service to its customers, XYZ Machine Tools holds nearly 2.3 million euros worth of stock at its head office in Burlescombe, which equates to around 20,000 different parts in 1,670 m2 of storage on three levels.

Stores Operative Barry Stanford carries boxes in front of the stores
Stores Operative Barry Stanford carries boxes in front of the stores
(Source: XYZ Machine Tools)

XYZ Machine Tools improves customer service by maintaining a 2.3 million euro stock at its Burlescombe headquarters. The stock includes 20,000 different parts, 70 per cent of which are for the current machine range, with the remainder being legacy parts for older machine models. Parts are despatched for a variety of purposes, including direct despatch to customers, restocking of engineers' vans, machine assembly and customer orders for self-fitting.

The company's newly launched spares website offers easy product searching and telephone support for part identification. They prioritise next day delivery for parts ordered before 3 pm, even for international orders, to ensure excellent service and minimal downtime for customers.

To maintain stock accuracy, the company uses an MRP system supported by physical stock checks. Incoming goods from local and overseas suppliers are checked for quality and quantity on arrival and issue, and incident reports are maintained for non-conforming parts.

XYZ Machine Tools also invests in sustainability. The company reuses packaging and pallets, and has installed a biomass boiler and solar panels to reduce its environmental impact and save costs. 112 solar panels, capable of producing 46 kWh, power the factory during the day and optionally export up to 23 kWh back to the grid. They have also installed EV charging points at various locations. Underlining the company's investment in parts and commitment to sustainability, managing director Nigel Atherton says these initiatives are part of the company's responsibility to the environment and make both economic and environmental sense.

Within the stores, stock levels are maintained by the company's MRP system, backed up by physical stock checks to ensure accuracy and inject common sense into stock levels.

As well as maintaining the smooth flow of parts leaving the stores, deliveries of goods from local suppliers and regular shipments from overseas must be identified and quality and quantity checked on arrival and again on issue from the stores, with incident reports tracked if parts are out of specification. Barry Stanford, Stores Operative, says: "Being reactive is key. Our aim is to find a solution to a problem first and then learn how to avoid it in the future, and our local parts knowledge is invaluable in this".

As part of the sustainability drive, the stores re-use clean packaging materials and Euro pallets, while others go through the company's wood chipper to be used in the biomass boiler. Previously, around 100 tonnes of wood was sent to landfill each year, at a cost of over £70,000 plus heating costs. With the biomass system, the payback period is less than two years, so it was an easy decision to invest. XYZ has also invested in solar panels, installing 112 capable of producing 46 kWh, which, when connected to inverters, power the factory during the day and have the ability to export up to 23 kWh back to the grid. EV charging points have also been installed at the Burlescombe, Nuneaton and Huddersfield showrooms.

Nigel Atherton, Managing Director, says: "We are making a significant investment in parts to ensure we can deliver the high standards of service we set ourselves. As part of our business, we also recognise our responsibility to the environment and sustainable working practices. We have made changes to reduce our carbon footprint that make both economic and environmental sense".


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