HRS Flow Update for servo-driven valve gate system Flex-Flow One

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Flex-Flow One is a valve gate system for hot runner nozzles that eliminates the need for an extra control unit. A simple driver module is connected to each nozzle, controlling the melt flow in order to produce moulded parts with a high reproducible quality.

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One year after its launch, HRS Flow has updated the servo-driven valve gate system Flex-Flow One.
One year after its launch, HRS Flow has updated the servo-driven valve gate system Flex-Flow One.
(Source: HRS Flow)

The module comes with a default setting that opens and closes the needles. Using the External Smart Interface (ESI), an operator is able to transfer data on stroke, velocity and force, which can be optimised for each individual application. The module is able to control the motion of the needle, and – if necessary – also includes multiple steps. Up to 24 valve pins can be programmed, HRS Flow says.

Watch this video by HRS Flow to learn how the Flex-Flow One technology works:

In order to prevent damage to the hot runner system and mould, a maximum toque of the servo motor is set. This allows for higher safety compared to hydraulic-driven systems. A safety Interface Box (SIB) is able to communicate with the control unit of the injection moulding machine to ensure safe working conditions. These safety measures prevent costly production downtime by preventing damage to the hot runner system, HRS Flow says.

An advantage of the servo-driven system is the larger process window. HRS Flow states that for the variably adjustable needle stroke, a range of up to 18mm is available. Other examples are the freely selectable opening velocity and the precise low-maintenance valve gate. Additionally, the absence of oil and water provides a cleaner working environment even under clean-room conditions.

According to HRS Flow, the system is already used in many applications, for example, in the production of bumpers, front headlamps, rear lights, spoilers, door and tailgate trims.

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